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Features and Gear Spotlight

SSL 4040G Series Console - Originally commissioned in 1989, and just 1 owner from new, Studio 150 Amsterdam. Studio 150 on the Polygram premises was widely regarded as Holland's best-equipped, and hosted Mick Jagger, Paul Weller and Def Leopard. Weller's 'Studio 150' album reached no2 and Def Leopard's 'Adrenalize' No1 UK and USA respectively. Although the console was meticulously maintained, it has undergone a stringent refurbishment prior to commissioning at Summerfield Studios by Mark Derksen who is well known in the business as one of the best in his field for renovating A Class consoles to exceed original specifications.

SSL 4040 G series console in E colour, (as ordered by the first owner). 40 channel frame - 40 G series channels loaded - balanced buss - G 292 pink G series EQ - Left hand on board patch - Metering is VU - NTP peak meter in centre - VCA faders with 8 VCA groups faders - no computer.

The refurbishment program included; tooth brush clean - full recap - fader service/re-lubricated - switch boards sonically cleaned - switches replaced where needed - cosmetics redone with original SSL leather - respray of panels - airflow upgrade to reduce heat buildup - lamps/bulbs to LED upgrade of all switches - VU back light to backlight LED upgrade - fully refurbished to exceed factory specifications. The console was commissioned at Summerfield Studios by Derksen himself in August 2016.

The Studio offers customized mix control at your fingertips with an Aviom personal mixing system. Every musician has the freedom to adjust their monitor or cue mix whenever they want - without affecting anyone else and without depending on an engineer. Want more lead vocal? Less bass? Need to adjust the stereo imaging of the guitars? With an Aviom Personal Mixer, it's all just a touch away.

Aviom Personal Mixers are designed with the performing and recording musician in mind, so there are no menus to navigate, no soft keys, and no complex programming.

Centre stage of the live room sits a pristine Yamaha C3 Grand piano Owned previously from new in 1983 by renown composer Alan Parker, and featured on many hit scores from TV & film. It has sat in his private Surrey studio since delivery and is in remarkable condition. The recordings for his compositions would start at his private studio and larger orchestral parts added later. The piano was used to record the theme tune for the hit TV series Minder, with Dennis Waterman and George Cole as Arthur Daley. It looks and sounds absolutely beautiful. Alan revealed a list of scores that he used the piano on, including;

FILM - Jaws 3 - The Pheonix and the Magic Carpet - Up on the Roof - What's Eating Gilbert Grape - Stormbreaker - American Gothic

TV - Rhodes - Minder - Van der Valk - Walking with Cavemen - Victoria and Albert - Nancherrow - Winter Solstice - Coast - The Cry - Marion Again - Fallen Angel, plus several others.

Rather grand, I'm sure you'll agree.

IMG_1112 3.jpeg

The Silver tweed and Vox Collection

If your bag is great vintage guitar valve sounds, then Summerfield has a fine selection of vintage amplifiers and matching cabinets.


Don't be fooled by the fact that a large proportion of them are MUSIC MAN, thats because they have very individual characteristics through selecting different combinations of amplifier and cabinets. Perfect for refining that authentic guitar sound. With five different amplifier designs, and six different speaker and cab options to cover a wide range of original vintage sounds for music production.

A 1978 Vintage Fender Bassman 70 amplifier and matching 2 x 15 speaker cab in pristine condition, offer a classic blues guitar setup, and that big band fender bass sound too. A dual classic!

Theres a modern Vox AC30 CC1, and a vintage 1963 Vox AC10, battered to bits (but sounding amazing). It's the same model used by the Beatles for their early hit recording sessions, ready to add that special Vox chime should the session demand.

A characterful tweed Peavey valve Classic 30 and 112 extension cab completes the line-up, with a Blackstar Artist30 2x12 valve combo, perfectly suited to studio session work. Great for super clean, sizzle, natural overdrive sounds, and pedal board integration.

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