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Dave Robinson - Owner, Resolution Magazine  "Summerfield Studios has been built with an obsessive attention to detail leading to some of the most thorough acoustic specifications you will find in a very long time. But it has also been built with patience, solid graft, sheer bloody determination and above all, passion. Congratulations to Phil Croft on what he's achieved here. And just wait till you ask him about the air conditioning..." 


Philip Newell - Designer of more than 700 studios worldwide "I second what Dave Robinson has said. What you have done is quite a remarkable achievement" 


"Wow"!   Nick Young - Managing Director at Miloco  Studio Group "We are pleased to have partnered with the owner Phil Croft and his team to offer another great studio in a new UK city. Summerfield Studios was formed out of Phil’s vision to create a comfortable and creative studio atmosphere, combined with a top-end acoustic quality and an ever-growing selection of excellent recording studio gear. As the only facility in this part of the UK to join Miloco so far, we believe we have a first-of-its-kind Birmingham recording studio that offers the city’s music scene something different to before"


Summerfield Studios is a great facility for tracking and mixing. Covering approximately 120m² (1292ft²) in total, the studio is divided into four main areas: a live room, control room, a drum/vocal room and a lounge zone. The studio design and layout creates a fantastic vibe for bands and producers alike.

Summerfield's main live area is a spacious room boasting excellent acoustics, made possible by heavily engineered floating rooms, a range of attractive acoustic panels and a beautiful Scandinavian pinewood floor. South-facing windows let sunshine into the room all day long, however ambient light (a feature throughout the studio) helps create a darker, more atmospheric vibe if required.

Live Room Panorama, Summerfield Recording Studios, Birmingham Recording Studios

There is a direct line of sight between all the rooms, so bands can completely spread out and have great visual communication with the control room and booth. There are also some luxurious leather sofas to lounge on.

Bands are supplied with a range of quality backline including Sonor Designer, Gretsch Renown limited edition, and Mapex kits

Guitars, amplifiers and pedals by Fender, Gibson, Epiphone, Ibanez and Yamaha. Vintage amps, cabs,  classic and modern to suit all genre and taste

A vintage Hammond organ and a fabulous Yamaha C3 Grand Piano previously owned by composer Alan Parker, featured on many film and TV scores

At the heart of the studio is the control room which features a special order E frame, SSL 4040 G+ Series Console. Tannoy FSM flush mounted momitors provide accurate main monitoring, while Tannoy PBM 8, PBM 6.5 and a TS2-10 powered Sub provide 5.1 surround monitoring. Yamaha NS10 MC and AKG LSM 50s complete the choice of monitoring.

A vast sofa lines the back of the room in the perfect listening position for everyone on the session. Visual monitors can be networked anywhere in the studio for voiceovers or cue prompts.


A collection of Pre-amps, Compressors and Reverbs include models by Focusrite, Avalon, Universal Audio, Lexicon, Yamaha, SPL and Eventide.

Vocal/Drum Room
Flush Monitoring

A stylish lounge and kitchenette is available for clients to chill out in. It features a comfortable sofa, dining table and attractive, modern décor.

Clients also have use of a large and private south-facing courtyard garden with outdoor furniture, lawns, patios and Mediterranean planters.

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